Monkeys of the Mountains

A sight of baboons is quite an interesting thing during your travel through high ranges of Saudi Arabia. Large herds of baboons are found in the mountain ranges of Asir region. Baboons, though, are powerful and aggressive animals, they are so friendly to humans and come close to you while in need of food.



Baboon is the name applied to certain monkeys with overhanging brows and strong limbs. They have strong, elongated jaws, large cheek pouches in which they store food, and eyes close together. They have large, often brightly colored, hairless areas on their buttocks, and thick, sturdy legs. They have a keen sense of smell.



A troop of baboons in Asir on the way to Muhayil.

Baboons generally are adapted to life on the ground and avoid forests. They range in large herds (troops) over rocky, open lands. Their troops are often composed of tens to more than 100 members.



A common sight in the highways of Asir. As you stop your vehicle, the baboons swarm you and search your vehicle for food. I usually keep the windows closed and get out to serve them food.



On Rocky Terrain

Baboons eat various worms, eggs, insects, reptiles, crabs, mollusks, small mammals, fruits, and young shoots




A pensive, relaxed pose of a baboon, away from the troop.