Hail Province

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    Hail Province lies in the north-central Saudi Arabia bordering the provinces of Madinah, Tabouk, Northern Border, Riyadh and Qassim. City of hail, capital of the province, lies in the Waadi Hail surrounding Shammar mountain ranges. Hail’s historical significance has been unearthed by the findings of petroglyphs (rock arts) and archaeological excavations. Hail Province has the most number of petroglyphs in Saudi Arabia. The Great Sandy Desert, Nafud, on the northern borders of Hail and the rugged mountain ranges of Shammar were the contributing factors for the inaccessibility of the region by foreign invaders.

    Hail, Nafud desert, Jubbah, Fayd, Village of Hatim Al Tai and Ha’et are the major locations of the province. Hail International Desert Rally is a very entertaining event in Hail held every year during spring.

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