Farasan Island

Farasan Islands (Jaza’ir Farasan) is a group of 84 islands (archipelago), under the administration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the Red Sea with its main island of Farasan which is 50 km off coast of Jizan. The main town of the island is Farasan. A number of uninhabited islands serve as breeding sites for large number of birds. In addition to it, it serves as a natural reserve for Arabian gazelles. Though not a green island, it has beautiful coastlines to spend silent hours and rich marine fauna to quench the thirst of a sea diver. 160 nautical miles (298 km) southwest of Farasan lies the Eritrean port of Massawa.


An islet on the way to Farasan Island.

A few of such islets can be seen during your journey to Farasan Islands. Some of the islands are just bare rocks while some are sandy and surrounded by corals. The sea is normally silent


Free Travel to the Island

Transportation to Farasan Island is free of cost, a magnanimous gift from the King of Saudi Arabia. Two ships are engaged in the service. One leaves Jizan Port at 7.30 AM and the next at 3.30 PM. Almost at the same time two ships leave the shore of Farasan to Jizan everyday.

Ticket is issued as you submit your identity card (Iqama/National ID/Passport) at the port counter at least one hour before the ship leaves. Tickets can be booked in advance during peak season by submitting your identification documents. Do you want to drive your vehicle in the island? Don’t worry, you can also carry your vehicle though the spaces are limited. Once the ship is full, you have the facility to book for the next day!


On a normal day! At the coasts of Farasan.
Farasan’s coral reefs and marine richness are a diver’s paradise. It is home to a spectacular variety of organisms. The island is one of the natural reserves of Arabian gazelles under the supervision of SWA (Saudi Wildlife Authority).




Turkish Remnants

This beautiful ornamental gateway is an archaeological site in the island. Carefully carved out of stones, the sort of artistry is seen at Mosques, Houses and other buildings in the island.


A live clam.

Farasan Island’s great biological diversity attracts nature lovers from around the world. With underwater photographic equipment you could have great opportunity in copying rich Red Sea treasures of Farasan.


An old couple setting out for fishing

Banks of Farasan Islands have a rich growth of coral reefs due to vast areas of shallow water. Farasan banks offer unrivaled opportunities for skin diving and snorkeling. It is one of the most attractive and popular diving spots in Saudi Arabia.