Makkah Province

  • Profile of the Province

    The most unique and popular of all provinces, Makkah province has the most number of visitors from around the world in Saudi Arabia. Makkah, the most sacred city on the face of earth for a Muslim; Jeddah, the commercial capital of the Kingdom and bride of the Red Sea; Taif, Hada and Shaffa, the gorgeous mountainous cities, are the principal locations of Makkah province.

    Situated in the western coast of Arabian Peninsula, Makkah province borders on its west with Red Sea which makes the province a popular place for beach tourism and a family beach vacation destination. As a major port city and economic hub of the Kingdom, Jeddah has a lot to offer to a tourist.

    Taif and Shaffa, at a height of about 2000 meters above sea level, are the summer retreats in Saudi Arabia with mild cold climates and dazzling natural sceneries.

    Centuries of Islamic and pre-Islamic histories in the province are an open book in the region and a traveller needs to dig them in to find them all.

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