The Religion

The religion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Islam and its constitution has been derived from the Holy Quran and the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Below is a list of portals for an understanding of Islam:



1.www.harunyahya.comIslam and the world of science
2.www.irf.netUnderstanding Islam Islam
4.www.evolutiondeceit.comIslam and the world of science
5.www.nicheoftruth.orgUnderstanding Islam
6.www.prophetofislam.comAbout the Prophet
7.www.sahihalbukhari.comSayings of the Prophet
8.www.islamicity.comUnderstanding Islam to Ramadhan
11.www.scienceislam.comIslam and the world of science
12.www.islamtomorrow.comUnderstanding Islam
14.www.youtubeislam.comVideo collections
15.www.darussalam.comOnline Books Store
16.www.bbcrefuted.comCorrecting the media
17.www.riseofislam.comIslam in modern world
18.www.almaghrib.orgLessons on Islam
19.www.peacetv.tvTV Channel
20.www.quraan.comAuthentic Islamic Literature
21.www.quranexplorer.comLearn the Qur’an
22.www.thenoblequran.comUnderstanding the Holy Quran
23.www.abouttajweed.comRules of Reciting the Holy Quran