Trekking in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia has exquisitely varied landscapes, of mountain peaks, enormous oasis, escarpments, gorgeous caves, seas, deserts, canyons, plateaus and beautiful coastlines.

This amazing land has all the intrigue of the “Arabian Nights”. The unexplored deserts and caves of Saudi Arabia provides trekking enthusiasts chances of being the first to achieve it.


By taste and time allowance, Saudi Arabian landscape is flexible for trekkers. From simple one day treks to longer adventurous treks can be planned in the terrains of Saudi Arabia. There are magnificent sights and locations that only a trekker can come across in the kingdom due to its inaccessibility by otherwise. The villages clinging to cliff sides, or nestled in remote wadis, ancient rock carvings in the desert are a few of these highlights. Along your treks, you will enjoy sights of ancient villages, forts, watchtowers and other remnants of history.

By trekking you will be involved in a way you could never be in a car, bus, train or aero plane; you can enjoy the friendliness of people of the nation, the unbelievable hospitality of Bedouins, feel the charm of the mountains, the magnetism of desert winds and  breath fresh under the sun with no bureaucratic hassles and be at peace with yourself.

Protecting the environment

It is your responsibility to protect the environment. Our last word in this regard is to be Eco-friendly. Make sure all the rubbish such as toilet rolls, tissues, disposable items…etc are properly disposed.

Take nothing but your memory and leave nothing but your footprints