Preparing for Desert Treks

Before planning for a desert trek, make sure the time is perfect. Check Climate in Saudi Arabia section to understand the weather conditions in Saudi Arabia.

Before setting out, it is mandatory to check the temperature. Desert trekking in hot weather can exhaust you.

Temperature in a desert could be less when night comes. So, depending on the weather conditions, calculate in advance what could be the temperature out there. Wear proper clothing according to the climate.

Water and Survival

Take extra care not to be dehydrated in a desert trek. Dehydration makes your survival chances very low. Carry enough water with you for your survival. For intake only, carry at least 5 liters of water per person a day.

Essential Gear

Make sure you have got all the necessary trekking equipment as stated in the Checklist for Trekking section. Wear comfortable walking boots that you have already tested.

Do take a basic medical kit with you if planning to trek for days

Less Luggage; More Comfort

If you are planning for long hikes, you have to ensure that you carried only necessary luggage and are lightweight. Heavy backpack will affect the pace of your hike and makes it less comfortable.

In the Desert

Scorpions and snakes are to be taken care of in Saudi Arabian deserts. Both are equally poisonous, though not all. During early summer, scorpions may find your tents the right place for them. Once the tent is erected, make sure its interior is closely inspected and zip the doors properly, if it has one.

For the Bedouins in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, the sting of snakes and scorpions are not a major concern. They have their own traditional ways of healing them.

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