Northern Borders

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    The Northern Borders province situates in the extreme north of Saudi Arabia bordering in the north with Jordan and mostly Iraq. Around 50% of the province is sandy and gravel deserts and it is the least populated of all provinces. Arar is the capital of the region.

    Major cities and towns of the province are Arar, Rafha, Al Uwayqilah and Turaif where Arar has all amenities required for a good city and has very pleasing wadis and landscapes. Winter in Arar is superb as most of the valleys will be lush in vegetation and carpeted with flowers.

    Though not a major tourist destination, the region has a good number of archaeological and historical landmarks as this is the northern gateway to the Arabian Peninsula. Mountains like Aqran provide good times of adventure. People in the suburbs find great fun in hunting with hawks and falcons and Arar is the main station of it. It will be one of the main events that a tourist will remember after a visit to the region.

    The region is accessible by state-of-the-art highways and domestic airports. The domestic airports in Arar, Rafha and Turaif connect all parts of the Kingdom. By road, Highway No.85 connects Hafar Al Batin in the east and Al Qurayyat in the northwest; Highway No. 70 connects Hail in the south; Highway No. 80 connects Sakaka in the west and crosses to Iraq in the north.

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