Qassim Province

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    Mostly an agricultural region, Qassim Province does not boast to have much of ancient history like other provinces of the country. Almost at the center of the country, Qassim Province borders with Riyadh Province in the east and south, Hail Province in the north and Madinah Province in the west.

    Qassim province has a rich history of agriculture. The province is well known for its production of wheat of which it is an exporter. Qassim dates are widely known in the country. Buraidah, capital of the city of Qassim Province, holds a major part in the production of dates in Saudi Arabia. It has been since 50 years that Qassim holds a dates harvest festival every year.

    Qassim region is abundant in water in addition to the perfect soil and climate suitable for most crops. The province grows grapes, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, mandarin oranges, pomegranates, and a large varieties of vegetables.

    Wadi Al Rummah, one of the longest river valleys in Arabian Peninsula, is part of the province.

    Major cities and locations of the Province include Buraydah (capital of the province), Unayzah, Ar Rass, Al Bukayriyah and Wadi Al Rummah.

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