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    As almost every province in Saudi Arabia is unique in its traditional settings, architectural designs, geological features, Tabuk too is interestingly unique in many ways.

    Tabuk province could be the most historical of all provinces in the Kingdom and the most beautiful of all coastal areas and beaches. It is the only province that has a good amount of snow falls in every winter. The region’s sand deserts winding through steep and artistic rock formations are stunning sights. Leaving from land to sea is another mind blogging visual in the region of Tabuk. Islands and islets are many in the visible distance of coastlines. The crystal clear waters of Gulf of Aqaba and Red Sea provide endless adventures in scuba diving and snorkeling. The marvelous world of coral reefs along the coastline and colorful schools of fish swimming with us are a few of the factors that invites a visitor to the province.

    Tabouk province has a very ancient historic background and the archaeological monuments that are spread around the region indicate that many nations lived in the region from more than 8000 years. Some of the great prophets either lived or traveled by this region leaving historic signs. People of Thamood, Aramean, and the Nabataean lived here in addition to Prophet Shuaib and Prophet Moses whose water springs and well are living signs in the province of Tabuk. A great mixture of many civilizations are excavated and waiting to be excavated here. Taima remains associated with the Mesopotamian civilization. The Midian and Edomite civilizations, and the Islamic period, including the Mamluk and Ottoman rules are felt by a traveler who needs to plan his trip well in advance to cover those primary areas of Tabuk.

    The major cities and locations of Tabuk Province are Tabuk, Tayma, Haql, Maqnah, Wajh, Duba, Umluj, Al Bada’, Rasal Sheikh Hamid and Madain Shuaib in addition to a number of other locations of interest in the region.

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