Checklist for Saudi Arabian Trekking

  • Personal Equipment Checklist for All Treks

    Food Stuff

    Balanced food is an important factor for a successful trek. Good trekking food should be tasty, nutritious, filling, easy to carry, easy to cook and cheap. Trekking food is often all about weight and energy. You eat to survive, in serious situations, not to enjoy yourself.

    Fresh fruits and fresh food are very good for shorter treks though not always the best thing to carry due to its weight and as it may get decayed soon during longer treks. Considering these, fatty food will be better to carry on trekking.

    • Chocolate
    • Peanuts or Peanut candies
    • Cookies
    • Granola bars as snacks (ex: Nature Valley products): Granola is often used as a snack during hiking, camping, or trekking because it is lightweight, high in calories, and easy to store.
    • Coconuts and other nuts and seeds
    • Powdered high fat milk

    And, select any food that is comfortable to carry and gives good nutrition. Based on these, you can think of selecting your food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We found plantain (Cooking Banana or Indian Banana) and potatoes as tasty and heavy meal that can be baked row in the campfire or by covering with aluminum foil.


    • Woolen jacket or sweater (during winter)
    • light cotton shirt (during summer)
    • Hiking shorts or pants
    • T-shirts
    • Sun hat
    • Gloves


    • Trekking or running shoes
    • Slippers or Camp shoes

    Other Equipments

    • Backpack (Rucksack or Shoulder Bag)
    • Sleeping bag
    • Water bottle
    • Mobile phone

    Miscellaneous Items

    • Plenty of water
    • Toilet articles
    • Tissues
    • Bath soap
    • Sunscreen (skin cream)
    • Towel
    • Tooth paste and brush

    Equipments for a Team

    Navigation Aids

    • GPS (Global Positioning System) unit
    • Altimeter (optional)
    • Compass


    • Cooking utensils (like: Bowls, frying pan, plates, glass, big and small spoons, knives, cutting board…etc)
    • Wind shade for camping stove
    • Cigarette lighter

    Other Equipments & Miscellaneous Items

    • Camping Tents
    • Torch (flashlight), batteries & bulbs
    • Stoves (optional). In most cases, firewood can be collected during your drive through off roads or else, you can buy a bunch of firewood for 25 Saudi Riyals which is good for one to two hours of fire. Firewood can be bought either at supermarkets near off road entries or from the roadside sellers.
    • Kerosene to light the fire
    • First Aid kit (that includes pain killer, adhesive dressing/plasters, antiseptic spray, diarrhea tablets, any medication you normally use
    • Paper/plastic bags for waste disposal

    Optional Equipments

    Photography Equipment

    • Camera & lenses
    • Lens cleaning equipments

    Miscellaneous Items

    • Binoculars
    • Books to read
    • Goggles or sunglasses
    • Snorkel (if the trek includes sea shore destinations and if interested)

    Note: The equipments listed above could be altered according to your requirements and length of trekking and camping.

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